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Show Live Activity

One of the very important features of Visitorsproof is Live activity. Live activity is the recent happenings of your website that will be shown to the visitors as a notification. Recent happenings can be a product added, product sold, a new sign up, a display of number of visitors to your website etc. The benefit of showing this to the visitors is to show that your business is very hot and are frequented by people there by increasing the trust factor.

Show Geographical Activity

Visitorsproof let’s you an option to display what recent events has been happening around your visitors’ area. We identify the location of the visitor from the publicly available IP address and match it with the happenings of your website so that we show the Geographical data to the visitors. This will help in driving the users to buy or singup as the user would see more activity from his Geographical locality.

Display Limitless Notifications

Visitorsproof app is free to use. There are no hidden charges and also there are no limitations in enabling the notifications that your business requires. We understand that every business is unique and the categories created in the admin panel are divided so that it caters to every business needs. We do not limit the website admin’s to choose from the list of notification options and there is no limit in the notification limit. However, there is a pricing plan available and it is based on the users and not notifications.

Insight of Clicks Tracking

Visitorsproof notifications are click enabled. Users can click on the notifications and that would take them to their destined page. The destination page can be a product page, a sign up page, a social media page for cross promotion, or it could be a buy now page for the users. The insights on the click are stored as a report and it can be accessed from the admin panel. This insight can help the website admin’s in taking important business decisions based on the user preferences.

Fully Customizable

With custom notification setting, you can write your own message to display to your website visitors. Creating a correct custom written message can make your visitors focus on the right thing and make conversions and sales more.

Show Confidence to users

You can increase the confidence of the buyers visiting your website by creating credible notifications. We have categories which are divided based on the functionality of the notification. You can choose the right one for your website.

Social Proof Notification

Adding the right social proofing notification options, you can increase the sales and the conversion of your products and services. Choose from the listed option on the admin page to select which notification works good for your website.

Most Sold Product

Show what product is most sold and what product is in demand, alerting the customer with the product demand notification, your visitors have the option to know the demand of the product and make immediate purchases. We categorized all the notifications that can display the product demand in the near future, and it can be done with a single click enable option.

World is Social now

The world is social now. With visitorsproof’s options you can increase the audience engagement for your social media pages too. You can promote your facebook page, linkedin page, twitter page or your instagram page by using the right notifications. This helps you in decreasing your advertisement budget, however helps in cross boosting the other social media platforms.

Show Sentiments to users

Creating sentiments is an integral part of online ecommerce business. Visitorsproof has the right tools and options to create the right sentiments in influencing the buyers’ decisions.

Have Full Reports

With the Visitorsproof notifications report you can analyze the visitor preferences and make the tweaks when needed. You can get meaningful insights from these reports which is important to your business making decision.

Get Multilingual compatibility

Visitorsproof has multilingual option. Our notifications are developed to support different languages of your choice. Choose the language based on your country and your businss region. If the language is not found, contact us to include it in our plugin.