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Visitorsproof is a part of Plestar Interactive situated at the heart of Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, India. Plestar has been involved in providing interactive IT services to our clients around the world and have been also developing products that helps website developers in saving time and money. Visitorsproof has been in production since 2018 and has been developed into a real product early 2020..

With our experience working in IT and website design and development, and marketing and sales, we understand unique business problems and striving hard to find a programmable solution that would save time and money and increase sales and conversion.

Since its launch in the Shopify app store listing visitorsproof has been downloaded and installed in more than 100 websites and have been providing our services to all categories of businesses in Shopify. We have been supporting companies with one product to companies that have thousands of products.

We provide support to our customers via email. All your queries about the product, inquiries about new features, suggestions to improve the product and any possible collaboration can be sent via email to info@visitorsproof.com.